Concerns Arise in MMO Community as a Player Dedicates "Between 2,500 and 4,500 Hours" Hand-Catching 1 Million of a Particularly Undesirable Fish

Concerns Arise in MMO Community as a Player Dedicates "Between 2,500 and 4,500 Hours" Hand-Catching 1 Million of a Particularly Undesirable Fish

Defying the boundaries of perseverance and shared humor, an Old School RuneScape player has invested numerous hours over multiple real-world years manually capturing an astonishing one million instances of the same fish, evoking both admiration and apprehension within the MMO community.

Reddit user AvengedKalas, alias Zoinks Bro in the game, unveiled their extraordinary feat last week. They approximate the endeavor to have consumed "between 2,500 and 4,500 hours" to amass one million raw monkfish on their account. Their monkfish-catching journey reportedly commenced around the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately three years ago, depending on the interpretation of its inception. The player's inability to precisely account for a 2,000-hour range raises some eyebrows, but the immersive nature of MMOs may contribute to such discrepancies over extended periods.

Concerns Arise in MMO Community as a Player Dedicates "Between 2,500 and 4,500 Hours" Hand-Catching 1 Million of a Particularly Undesirable Fish

In the comments, AvengedKalas clarified that they dedicated two to three hours each day to AFK monkfish fishing. They divided their time by engaging in activities such as streaming services like Netflix and Hulu or playing other games, with Baten Kaitos being a notable favorite. This approach aligns with the common practice among Old School RuneScape players who often multitask during extended gaming sessions, making the game ideal for use as a second monitor activity.

Did you ever think about quitting early?" asked one no-doubt awestruck player.

"It was never a question of if, but rather when," AvengedKalas asserted.

"Are you okay?" inquired another observer.

"No," replied AvengedKalas. Oh well.

Despite concerns, a different viewer expressed, "I understand everyone needs an escape and some downtime doing things they enjoy, but what a complete waste of your life." AvengedKalas calmly responded, "I'm content with everything." Sometimes, you just need to find peace in catching a million monkfish, it seems.

Incredibly, AvengedKalas now plans to cook all one million fish. This isn't an idle statement; the OSRS hiscores verify that Zoinks Bro has already surpassed twice the XP needed for the maximum Cooking skill level of 99.

For those curious, Zoinks Bro also boasts over 11 times the XP required for 99 Fishing, standing at 145 million XP and being 'only' 55 million XP away from the in-game limit. In a Reddit response, AvengedKalas mentioned tackling the remaining 55 million after completing the cooking task.

A perplexing question arises: Monkfish yield 150 Fishing XP each, so how does Zoinks Bro have only 145 million Fishing XP with one million monkfish? This enigma keeps me awake at night, dear reader.

While it's conceivable they bought a considerable number of monkfish, a more plausible explanation is the use of an equippable blessing. This blessing provides a small chance of catching two fish at once without doubling actual XP gains. Although not an expert in this aspect of OSRS, it's known that their account has the stats to acquire at least a medium-tier blessing. The 4% bonus fish it offers essentially balances the XP calculation. I've reached out to AvengedKalas to unravel this intriguing mystery.

Concerns Arise in MMO Community as a Player Dedicates "Between 2,500 and 4,500 Hours" Hand-Catching 1 Million of a Particularly Undesirable Fish

As is the recurring theme with the formidable achievements routinely accomplished by OSRS players, the fundamental query arises: why? AvengedKalas' rationale proves both perplexing and oddly plausible, describing it as "An inside joke that got out of control."

Another prevalent question, posed by many, including myself, is: why monkfish? While acknowledging monkfish's ease of AFK catching, there are numerous other OSRS fish, such as karambwans, which offer superior healing benefits. Moreover, karambwans hold a higher market value. However, value seems less relevant since Zoinks Bro operates a hardcore ironman account, preventing them from dying and trading with other players. Ironically, this intensifies the absurdity of the grind, as they cannot convert the fish into gold through the in-game market.

So, why not karambwans? AvengedKalas explained in a Reddit reply, "I don't find karambwans as relaxing. To each their own. I enjoy monks," as mentioned in another post. A sentiment worthy of respect, considering the appearance of monkfish, likened to a nightmare squashed by a heavier nightmare. Perhaps the million deceased monkfish stored in Zoinks Bro's bank aren't thrilled, but you get the idea.

Another OSRS player inquires, "The real question: are you proud of it?" To which AvengedKalas confidently responds, "Yeah." In the realm of self-imposed OSRS challenges, that's what truly matters. Best of luck to you, the monkfish-collecting enthusiast.

In a recent incident, OSRS developers observed with a mix of horror and admiration as thousands of players collectively overwhelmed a 16-year-old minigame, breaking it to farm XP by succumbing to fruit addiction.

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